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How To – Upgrade Android 2.2.2 To GingerBread 2.3.6 [Samsung B7510 Glaxy Pro]

(Perfect Working With Windows 7)

Finally after waiting for about 8 months for Gingerbread upgrade we have finally been successful in upgrading Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 to Gingerbread. We have successfully tested in my handset  and it is working fine. it don’t have custom roms yet for this Galaxy Pro but this upgrade is worth doing.

Steps before Upgrading:

  1. Take backup of Contacts. Go to Contacts > Press Menu button > Click on More > Import/Export > Export to SD card > Confirm by pressing Yes.
  2. Take backup of your messages. For this you need an app. I personally use SMS backup & Restore Pro by Ritesh Sahu, you can get it for free
  3. Take backup of the installed apps. For this you need to use a file explorer app, I used ES File Explorer. To take the backup of the apps installed, Open ES File Explorer > Press Menu button > Click on Manager > Click App Manager > Press Multi-select button on the top and select all the apps > Press Menu key > Click on Backup. The backup will be taken in SD card “backup” folder.
  4. Take backup of current settings and application data. Go to Settings >Privacy settings > Put a check mark on Back up my data and Automatic Restore.
  5. Shut down your galaxy pro and remove SD card and SIM card. (Don’t Power On your galaxy pro)

Files required for the process:

Firmware file: Click here to download. (Password for firmware file:

Bennett_v1.0 ops file: Click here to download.

Odin downloader: Click here to download.

Step By Step Process:

  1. Unzip and extract the files that you have downloaded to a specific folder.
  2. Run Odin downloader.
  3. Put a check mark on Auto reboot and Protect OPS.
  4. Click on OPS to browse and select the OPS file. You need to go the destination folder where you have extracted Bennett_v1.0 ops file.                                                                                            odin-ops-file-selection
  5. Put a check mark on One Package and browse and select the firmware file in the last box that is ONE PACKAGE. You will get the following message once firmware file is checked :

Check MD5 FileName…

MD5 File Name : B7510XXKPB_B7510XXKP3_B7510XXOXAKP4_HOME.tar

Open File Name : B7510XXKPB_B7510XXKP3_B7510XXOXAKP4_HOME.tar

Check MD5 …

Tail MD5 : A5EE8DC87E670F99C1C5BA58ACC07E9E

Image MD5 : A5EE8DC87E670F99C1C5BA58ACC07E9E

Check MD5 … ok                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             odin-one-package-selection

  1. Press Power and Q button simultaneously to enter in Download mode.
  2. Once you are in the Download mode, connect it to USB data cable and wait for ODIN to detect the phone. Once detected, the COM PORT 1 MAPPING box will become yellow and the phone’s port will be detected. In the message section, you  will get the following message:

Check MD5 FileName…

MD5 File Name : B7510XXKPB_B7510XXKP3_B7510XXOXAKP4_HOME.tar

Open File Name : B7510XXKPB_B7510XXKP3_B7510XXOXAKP4_HOME.tar

Check MD5 …

Tail MD5 : A5EE8DC87E670F99C1C5BA58ACC07E9E

Image MD5 : A5EE8DC87E670F99C1C5BA58ACC07E9E

Check MD5 … ok

<1> Added!!!

<1> Detected!!!                                                                                                                        


  1. Now click on start. Wait until the green bar in the first box reached to the end. It will reboot your Galaxy Pro twice or thrice.
  2. Once done, it will give a message as PASS in the COM PORT box as well as message section.
  3. Disconnect the phone from USB. Go to Settings > About Phone and check the Firmware Version.
  4. Restore the phone back to factory settings to wife off the data. To do it Go to Settings > Privacy settings > Factory Data reset.
  5. Once it restarts, shut it down again and insert SD card and SIM card and now your Samsung Galaxy Pro is just like a brand new handset with android gingerbread.
  6. You can follow this article if you want to setup up phone for the first time.

Warning: Make sure your cell is fully charged while doing this and take proper back up of apps, contacts and SMS before trying this.  As we mentioned, we have done successful upgrades on 10 handsets and all of them are working fine. If you face any problem you can write it in comment, we will help you out. Do at your own risk. We will not be responsible if you end up screwing your phone.

Noticeable changes after Gingerbread Update:

  • Smoother and faster UI.
  • New Music player with better thumbnail previews.
  • New smart icons.
  • A “Download” app in app menu.
  • Firewall- IP firewall in settings.
  • New font.
  • New cut, copy and paste icons instead of textual options.

10 responses to “How To – Upgrade Android 2.2.2 To GingerBread 2.3.6 [Samsung B7510 Glaxy Pro]

  1. alex January 22, 2012 at 3:21 am

    i cant extract the firmware .. i already downloaded it twice .. but there’s an error everytime i extracted it ..
    is there another site to download firmware for my galaxy pro b7510 ??

    • InfoTech's World January 30, 2012 at 5:18 am

      alex i have checked the firmware its all fine .. it may have problem with operating system coz its not working fine with windows XP extract it in window 7 then use it it will work fine than!

  2. Nitesh January 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Thansk a ton bro… I would have kissed you finally away form the pain of Froyo. However I have noticed one problem, while using physical keyboard Alt+Y,U,I gives me different output (It should have given me “$, %, ~ but it is giving me £, $, €) any fixes on this. loved it thanks a ton.

    • InfoTech's World January 30, 2012 at 5:22 am

      yeah Nitesh after updating the android OS this problem occurs i am finding the fix for it whenever i ll have the fix i ll definitely share with you guys.. i have observed one more thing which is the downloads new option in gingerbread it doesn’t show download other than markets.

  3. LovelyAma March 11, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    I have the same problem that Nitesh has. Also i have another annoying issue.
    Every once in a while the screen turns off, but it only turns off, i can still press the buttons and hear the clicking sounds if I press something on the screen but its turned off.
    Only way to get rid of it is using the power button and unlock it again. I already tried reflashing it two times, it’s also rooted and doesnt have much apps installed.
    Any ideas what can it be?
    thx guys.

  4. InfoTech's World May 18, 2012 at 4:46 am

    Ama.. looking like an Screen issue of your mobile 😡

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